Through the Africentric Research Academy, we are restoring research quality and enforcing industry standards by providing Afri-centric training to research practitioners at critical levels; i.e. field workforce. This is a program partially supported by DEG (  with funds of Germany’s Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

The ARA provides requisite training for mainstream market research (MR) gaps and then, for local  emerging business space in South Africa (as an identified opportunity) à in order to create the  awareness of MR as a tool towards sustainability of start-up businesses.

Africentric Research Academy exists to:

  • Up-skill research practioners to align themselves to ISO compliant research methods and/or management
  • Incorporate global modules into local context (South Africa and the rest of Africa)
  • Afford accreditation to the field workforce
  • Partner with SAMRA to establish and promote world class benchmark practices  in our MR Africentric space  


Towards GLOCALISED  research practice in the continent:

  • i.e. bringing Local Relevance to Global Thinking
  • Taking  cognisance of the fact that Africa is the epicentre for developing markets within the continent, Africentric Research Academy will   endeavour to take training to the rest of the continent; neighbouring countries (i.e. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, etc.) and key countries where MR interest is on the increase (e.g. Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Angola)


Target Customer

  • Field work interviewers and supervisors (primary focus)
  • Qualitative recruiting agents  (secondary focus)
  • Qualitative research moderators: current and entry level (secondary focus)
  • Emergent business incubators and SMMEs (tertiary focus)