The whole training was very interesting. The trainer is very knowledgeable and the bonus was to have the SAMRA CEO attending the course. The topics were very interesting and relevant to the fieldwork. The chance of meeting other fieldworkers, ideas and info sharing was AWESOME.

The training as a whole was most knowledgeable and enjoyed. I enjoyed the encouraged networking and group discussion and in-depth understanding of the various elements and avenues of research.  The training provided a holistic understanding and discussions generated ideas.

The discussions involving each modules that were covered. The training itself was informative and I go to understand more how the market industry is and my role as a fieldworker. This training open my eyes to a lot of things/details about the market research industry. The involvement of the group as a whole really opened my eyes and I am very happy and satisfied and thankful for attending it.

Enjoyed the sampling section most because it gave me a better understanding of how to go about it in our work on daily basis. Enjoyed the group discussions as well because we get to know and get more views from different people.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the training.  My expectations have been met.  I will definitely recommend it to other research companies and fieldworkers.

I indeed like to thank SAMRA, GfK for this wonderful opportunity to be part of the ground breaking exercise.  Last but not least, to our trainer, Mr Ngwenya, a big thank you!

The training has encouraged me to want to excel more in the industry.  I am more determined to work hard and become a better interviewer.

I feel that my eyes have been opened when it comes to the Research Industry – the puzzle is starting to come together.